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Scooby-Doo is one of my favorite cartoons. I had Mommy tape some of the cartoons so I can watch it even when it's not on. I love to play outside with Daddy on my slide and in the summer Daddy will put the pool together and watch me swim and splash around. Sometimes on really hot days Daddy will splash me the water from the hose. When it snows outside I go out in the yard with Daddy and make snowmen and throw snowballs at him. Mommy will come outside and make snow angels. I love going to daycare to play with my friends and go for walks with my teachers.


Sometimes after dinner Mommy and Daddy will take me out for a long ride in the car. When it is Christmas time I love to drive around with Mommy and Daddy to see all the houses lit up. Most of the time I fall asleep in the car and I don't get to see too much.


When it comes time to help Mommy around the house I always ask to help do the laundry. I help Mommy take the clothes out of the washing machine and put them in the dryer. Then Mommy gives me a dryer sheet to put in the dryer and I help turn it on. Mommy will sit me on the counter next to the washing machine while she puts the clothes in the machine and I help to add the soap.


But my most favorite thing to do is just before bed. I sit with Mommy on my bed and read books. It help me wind down from a long day and get to sleep. Mommy will always buy me a new book every week so we have something new to read. My favorite book is the Grouchy Lady Bug. Mommy will tell me to name all the animals in the book and ask me what the animal says. When I get to the part with the skunk I pinch my nose and say "STINKY SKUNK". Sometimes Mommy will sing to me to help me fall asleep. When I really have trouble falling asleep Daddy will come in and give me big hugs and then I feel all better.