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My Appointments at the doctor's!

June 16, 1998
First appointment with doctor. Everything is fine and she is doing well.

June 19, 1998
Spoke with doctor about putting Nicole on formula. She suggested Similac or Enfamil with iron.

July 4, 1998
Spoke with doctor about Nicole's condition with her constipation. Suggested to use Karo syrup in her formula and to switch to a formula with no iron.

July 9, 1998
Brought Nicole to the hospital. She was in pain with gas all day and still strained to go to the bathroom. Se was seen by the doctor and he suggested that she could have a sensitivity to iron and to continue the gas relief drops and use glycerin suppositories. Was told to follow-up with another doctor on July 10.

July 10, 1998
Brought Nicole to see another doctor. She said that Nicole is perfectly healthy and that a formula with no iron is not necessary. She also said that glycerin suppositories were not necessary and to continue using the thermometer.

July 24, 1998
Nicole was involved in an accident today involving her crib. She was brought to the emergency room. Doctor said she suffered head trauma. X-rays were taken and everything was fine.

August 6, 1998
Nicole had an appointment with a new doctor. Says she is doing well and gaining weight appropriately. Was also told tostart her on rice cereal, applesauce and apple juice. Had more shots and oral polio.

September 10, 1998
Nicole went back to the doctor for a check-up. Doctor said she is going great. Also said she can have any cereal and any fruit she wants.

September 30, 1998
Nicole had been crying all day and was tugging on her ear. We thought that maybe she had an ear infection. I called the doctor and brought her in and he said she was fine, that Nicole tugging on her ear could be due to pressure or something other than fluid.

October 10, 1998
Nicole had more shots today, then had her usual check-up. Doctor has now put her on vegetables and meats. Next appointment in two months.

February 19, 1999
Nicole had even more shots today and her usual check-up. Doctor has told me that she can eat almost anything she wants including certain table foods. Has her on whole milk and vitamins.

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