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For every hug she gives makes my heart leap with joy. For every kiss she gives brings happiness to my soul. For every smiles brings happiness into my day. I remember when Nicole was born. That was the happiest day of my life. Nicole is my everything. Nicole is the joy, the happiness and the laughter in my life. What more could a mother ask for in her life but the happiness a child brings. Every morning when I arise I look forward to the many, many hugs and kisses I'm going to receive and the words "I Love You Mommy" coming from behind the bathroom door as I get ready to face a new day and as she waves good-bye to me from the behind the door. When I come home at night I look forward to the hugs and kisses again and the words "I Missed You Mommy". I look into her little face to see she is thrilled to see me. When it is time to go to sleep I thank the Lord for my little angel. And every night before I go to sleep I peek into her room to see her angelic face I see her smile and a tear falls from my eye for the happiness my little angel brings to my life.